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I am writing this blog to clarify my statement from the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Anti Aging Medicine conference I attended this past weekend June 10-12 2011 in NYC. I was limited by the number of words I could “Tweet”.

Topical Botox “gel” RT001 has completed phase 2 clinical trials. So it must complete phase 3 and FDA approval before we as clincal doctors can use it.

The results from phase 2 trials were: 88% of people responded and the results lasted up to about 3 months. It was used for the “crow’s feet” (lateral canthus) area.

It was and will be administered only in a doctors office. It will probably be approved for Crow’s feet (on label) and I also can see it used for underarm sweating. This will avoid the multiple needle sticks to the underarm area that’s done presently. – More to follow- Dr M

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