Can Liposuction Improve Your Health?

New research says: Yes! Liposuction has long been considered a purely cosmetic procedure but a new study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting in Denver, CO last month suggests significant reductions in Triglycerides, thereby reducing risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

High Triglyceride levels are known to be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr Eric Swanson the study’s author found the decrease in Triglyceride levels after liposuction was dramatic and revealed that the permanent removal of excess fat cells by liposuction has a major impact on circulating levels of Triglycerides. Patients enrolled in the study had a 43% reduction in triglyceride levels (about twice the effect achieved with a drug commonly used to reduce triglycerides).

“These findings suggest that patients who are considering liposuction who have elevated  triglyceride levels may reduce their risk of developing these serious health problems, while correcting body disproportions, “said Dr. Swanson. “Patients not only look better , but may be healthier too.”

This is quite remarkable since for years it has been assumed that visceral fat surrounding the internal organs has greater metabolic importance and is more directly linked  to cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk than “subcutaneous fat” that lies under the skin. These new findings support recent studies suggesting subcutaneous fat, which  can be reduced by liposuction, is just as metabolically important. This was the first of such studies and it will be interesting where further reasearch will take this.  So besides feeling better about your appearance  after liposuction you may also  improve your health by reducing risk factors…This is a win-win situation!

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