Does She or Doesn’t She? Use Botox?

Do you remember this catchy advertising slogan from Clairol in the 1960’s?

In this blog I’ll address that now Botox treatments are more main stream than when first FDA approved in 2002.  Botox  treatments have a history of being veiled in secrecy and viewed as an indulgence for the elite and vain, similar to the past conception of hair coloring.  Despite its meteoric rise in popularity as an aesthetic procedure, with use increasing more than 3800% in a decade there has been a stigmata of vanity associated with patients who receive treatment with Botox. This misconception has been steadily decreasing over time in large part because of increased public awareness and a decrease in cost of treatment, shifting it from a luxury for the rich to a therapy for all who desire it. In many ways, the acceptance and popularity of  Botox appear to be evolving in a similar fashion to the rise of hair coloring in America.

So I’ll  now refer to the study above from Cosmetic Dermatology June 2011 where Dr Dyan and others gave  patients who were about to undergo treatment with Botox and Dysport a 4 question survey  to 134 patients. In this study 70% of woman dyed their hair. 

Although hair coloring is very popular today, it was once a clandestine practice of the wealthy or those considered vain.  The use of Botox injections appears to be following a similar evolution as that observed with hair coloring. The appealing face shaping benefits of raising the brow, nose and oral commissures are replacing the image of the frozen Botox face. Many Hollywood celebrities are now admitting to receiving Botox treatment and treatment popularity is increasing.

Not only do both hair coloring and Botox treatment enhance beauty, but both have been implicated to influence social interactions through the projection of a more youthful or postive appearance.

 Just as hair coloring shed its stigma of being for the elite or vain, so too are Botox injections shedding stereotypes.

So the final answer to Does She or Doesn’t She?… Maybe?… Only her Doctor knows for sure! 


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