Laser Hair Treatments New Jersey

Why Laser Hair Removal?

From shaving to waxing and everything in between, getting rid of unwanted hair is difficult. The fact is everyone deals with it, and as most of us know, it can prove expensive. The cost of razors, waxing, and even at home hair removal treatments can really add up over time. The solution to all of this is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal provides a quick and less painful way of removing hair. Taking anywhere from five minutes for an underarm to 45 minutes for the legs, laser hair removal requires no downtime. This means you are back to normal activity immediately following the procedure. The best part of laser hair removal is that it can yield permanent hair reduction in hair growth and long-term hair removal.

The technology has been around for a couple decades, and over time laser hair removal has been perfected and proven to provide long-lasting, desirable results. Not to mention, as it is now several months away from summer, this gives you time to undergo the necessary number of treatments needed to achieve your individual results in time for bathing suit season.

Laser hair removal does require multiple treatments and touch-ups are sometimes needed depending on the density, thickness and amount of hair at the start of the process. While the total number varies from person to person, three to six treatments are the average needed at intervals between one and three months. This is because hair follicles go through periods of dormancy and growth. Since the pulsed light used for laser hair removal can only target hair in the growth phase, in order to effectively treat all of the hair, multiple treatments are used. Treatments are repeated until all hair follicles have passed through the growing phase.

Men and women of all races and ethnicities have been successfully treated with laser hair removal. You will not have to struggle any longer with the pain and costliness of shaving and waxing. Contact Dr. Macri at the Macri MD Liposuction and Laser Center of NJ for your consultation.

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