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Skin Care for Dummies!

Yesterday I  spent the day at the Yale Club in NYC with my biochemist from our Skin Care Line Macri MD Cosmeceuticals. The purpose:   to try to further improve our outstanding line of Skin Care products. Being a typical Ivy League guy ( ie, very bright!) with a vast fund of basic science information. On and on he droned away  about all newest compounds and skin cell biology  but : How can I make my patients understand  Skin Care?… If you want to be a minimalist all you need to keep you skin looking good: Retinoids and Sun block! Its really that easy! Retinoids turn over skin cells, forms new collagen and thickens the  skin.  Sun block specifically  those  containing Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide (physical block)  to prevent penetration of UV A and UV B rays of  light causing photo damage to the skin.

If you want to go one step further in the fight against aging skin aging  to bring you up to 100% prevention:  adding Hydroxy acids   and Anti Oxidants . Hydroxy acids (Glycolic, salicyslic and Lactic) to exfoliate and improve collagen synthesis. Anti Oxidants, Vitamin C to promote collagen synthesis.

The  good news is our Macri MD Skin Care line contains all these compounds formulated for each particular condition  thereby I have taken the guess work out of skin care products for my patients!