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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Vampire Lift? Hype or Fact?

This may also be referred to as PRFM (Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix) and Selphyl. Again, another instance of separating hype from fact. Platelet Rich Plasma as I will refer to these collective technologies involve removing the patients blood, spinning it down to separate into its active parts: red blood cells (discarded), serum and platelets. Then mixing this with Calcium Chloride and re injecting it back into problematic areas on the face where the skin looks dull or old. Its touted as being an alternative to a dermal filler which in the short term isn’t possible since by its liquid nature … can’t volumize.  This has been used with good results not always across the board  for treating tendonitis, arthritis and to regenerate skin lost over an area from trauma or ulcers. The problem is getting the activated platelets into the correct area to do the most good. Platelets don’t contain stem cells, fat contains the most stem cells are the key to growing new cells as in medical research presently.

One may want to refer back to my January 6th 2011 Blog  ” What is a Stem Cell Lift’? 

Platlets contain growth factors that stimulate skin cells and help regenerate skin but what about “filling” the areas of the face that have lost volume? The major advantage of Fat Transfer is the stem cells and in harvesting fat you also harvest platelets with all the cellular growth factors. Why not use fat, stem cells and platelets?
The reason our face changes so in the third and fourth decade of life is: loss of collagen (cellular matrix) in 30’s and loss of mid face fat pad in our 40’s. Fat Transfer offers way more potential to regenerate since you’re  getting the positive filling effects of fat that contains the most  stem cells in the body and platelets and platelet activated growth factors that stimulate cellular growth. Thereby the best of both worlds… volumizing what we’re lost from our faces and stimulating cells with growth factors so the subcutaneous tissue can grow along with regenerating skin cells.  Look at it as a “double fix” from the top  and below! Lastly, PRP can last up to 1 year as opposed to fat tranfer 2-4 years or longer.

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    Glad you enjoyed the blog.. I try to seperate the “forest from the trees” in my posts. There certainly is alot of hype out there but as in the i try to clearly delineate what works from what doesn’t… DR Macri


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