What is the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine?

There are many systems available for laser hair removal and I don’t think it is necessary to shop specifically by laser brand name. The effectiveness of any laser hair removal treatment depends on the patient’s skin color, hair color and on the abilities of the person providing the treatment. Be cautious about franchise centers in the mall. Choose a practitioner with a lot of experience.
In our community, we have many people using cheap machines for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, many have no idea how to use their machines, and they don’t understand the principles involved. We often see laser burns and blisters from inexperienced clinics. We just saw someone in followup this week who had already paid for 6 treatments elsewhere by a “Top Laser Doctor “, with absolutely NO results. She was amazed at her results after a single treatment at our office . She realized that she had wasted all that time and money for nothing, and she learned a valuable lesson. You should look for people in your community who have experience, and who really know what they are doing.

Know that hair must have pigment to be well treated, grey and blond hair is not sensitive to the laser. Electrolysis may be your best bet for permanent hair reduction in this case. Lighter skin can be treated with a broadband light system, like a photofacial machine ( IPL), or an Alexandrite laser. Darker skin is more safely treated with an nd Yag laser.  Different laser companies market different technologies under various names.  Ask the practitioner you are interested in seeing what wavelength or type of laser is in the particular machine they have, not just for the brand name of the machine.

At MD Aesthetics Medispa & Laser Center we prefer to use a Broadband Laser .. Pulsed Light (IPL)  for lighter skin types…..mostly for comfort… we feel that with this technology combined with gel and  cool air the patient is getting  the most effective painless treatment possible. The key is catching the hair when it is in growth cycle and not in the dormant (sleep) cycle.  Hair grows at different rates on various areas of the body so keeping on track with your Laser Hair Removal appointments is the ticket to try to get a maximum result with your treatments. People with darker skin tend to need more treatments… which cannot be determined by a cookie cutter approach. The critical piece  is that your getting reduction with each treatment.

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    My info is what i face daily in a busy cosmetic medical practice. I do all the research and testing different technologies to get the absolute best for my patients…. DR Macri


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