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What is the Stem Cell Face Lift??

The Stem Cell Facelift is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure without involving any surgery. It can be done in the office with local anesthesia.  The stem cell lift uses Stem cells and growth factors  from havested fat during Liposuction or by doing a “mini lipo”….where donor fat is harvested from the abdominal area using a small needle.  Fat cells contain the largest amount of stem cells in the body. Patients  exhibit marked improvement not only in the underlying soft tissue contours of the face but the skin itself. These specific “Stem Cell Growth Factors” induce the skin and fatty layers to produce more of their own cells. The Factors stimulate or initiate “a signal” to both the local stem cells within the skin and fat as well as the transplanted adult stem cells from the fat to multiply and restore themselves.

Adult Stem Cells, are now known to be a source for producing other hormone-like Growth Factors to enhance both skin quality and the underlying subcutaneous- fatty tissues of the cheeks, the mid face and the skin in general. The result is a long-term marked improvement that enhances both skin quality as well as the underlying youthful contours of the face.

The “Stem Cell Facelift” may also eliminate the need for ongoing facial “filler” injections like Restylane, Juvederm and the other hyaluronic acid fillers. Results can last 2-4 years or longer.

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