Fat Transfer

What is Fat Transfer?

Essentially, the fat transfer procedure harvests fat from one part of the body where an excess exists and then places it in another part of the body where the additional bulk is used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Fat transfer is not a new concept; however, the technique for handling fat has recently changed, thereby increasing the success rate for transfer. The advantage of fat transfer is that it is the patient’s own tissue and, hence, not subject to rejection by the body. Another advantage of fat transfer is that most other dermal fillers are absorbed by the body within three to months to one year, making regular injections a continuing expense.

Fat transfer (which is also known as fat grafting, fat autographs, autologous fat transplantation, fat injecting, or microlipoinjections) is used for:

  • Smoothing and repairing aged hands
  • Filling in wrinkled, creased faces
  • Creating more shapely, curvaceous buttocks
  • Enlarging breasts

Fat is withdrawn from the patient either by using a syringe that has a large-bore needle, or with a liposuction cannula.

Facial Fat Transfer
A liposuction technique is used to harvest the fat and prepare it for transfer. The fat is then injected into the desired portion of the face. When using a micro injection technique, extremely small parcels of fat are placed into multiple layers of the face. The procedure is most commonly performed under local anesthesia.

Transferring harvested fat into injection syringes.
Syringes with harvested fat ready to be transferred.
Harvested fat being injected into patient’s cheeks

The most common facial locations for fat transfer include:

  • Filling in sunken areas beneath the eyes
  • Fleshing out the folds of skin that physicians refer to as nasolabial folds, the deep wrinkles next to the mouth often referred to as “laugh lines.”
  • Filling in forehead creases
  • Cheek augmentation
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