Patient Testimonials

Dr. Macri,

I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job last week. The results of the facial filler are even better than my first treatment. That big, ugly scar that I saw (though others say they did not) on my right cheek is barely noticeable – virtually gone. Combined with the Dysport® “touch up,” I feel so much more confident and happy with my appearance – especially in my new job. Thanks again to you and your staff for the great work you do!

Best wishes,

Jeff S.

Dr. Macri,

Thank you so much for introducing me to Dysport®. I have had Botox® to hide my deep forehead wrinkles and was very pleased with the results. I was a little leery about using Dysport®, but I am so glad I did. I love it! Love it! Love it! Using Dysport®, I have been told my eyes look more ‘open’ and that I look younger ( a gal always wants to hear that ). It feels more natural as well. Have I told you I just love it?

Thank you again,

Phyllis C.


I recently came in for the non-surgical rhinoplasty (hope you remember me), and just wanted to send a message to say thank you. Not only do you have a beautiful office but it’s complimented with a very personal and helpful team of people. You made sure I was comfortable before, during, and after my procedure, and the results are fantastic. I am very pleased with what the doctor created for me, and have included some photos to show my appreciation.

See you again in the future,
Carly M.

Dr. Macri,

Wonderful results delivered with concern and exceptional service. I have been to other doctors for cosmetic procedures and have spent thousands and thousands of dollars without results. Those doctors were happy to take my money, and didn’t have any concern for who I was, how I felt, or the fact that I spent thousands and wasn’t seeing results. I thought going to a doctor who charged more would mean that I’d get better results or better technique, but I was wrong.

I then found Dr. Macri, who is warm, attentive, very skillful, and honest. He is different than most doctors. His concern was me, and giving me the best results I am capable of obtaining and he is honest about it. While I was reluctant to have Botox® and concerned about looking artificial, he took the time to speak with me and to listen and understand my concerns that I didn’t want to look fake or artificial. He offered his recommendations about what I should do, how much I needed, and where I needed it. Reluctantly, I went with his recommendations and am sooooooooooooooooooo happy with the results of my Botox® and other injections, that I’ve had many other procedures, including laser hair removal, performed at this office. I LOOK AWESOME. If you are looking for a doctor who has your well-being and cosmetic needs as their main concern, look no further. Dr. Macri and his staff are always warm, welcoming and extremely attentive to my needs and concerns. You will feel the difference between his office and other doctors immediately, and will also realize you are not just be another patient to him, you’re his top concern. Absolutely recommend him + + + + + + + + + + + +

Thank You!


Dear Dr. Macri,

Words cannot begin to express what fabulous results I received with regard to my laser hair removal, and how thankful I am to have found you. Being of Italian descent, I have suffered from unwanted facial hair for over 15 years. In an attempt to address the problem, I tried everything – waxing, depilatories, bleaching, tweezing, epilator gadgets, electrolysis, etc. You name it, I tried it. The problem was, nothing helped. Electrolysis was costly, uncomfortable, time-consuming, and you unfortunately have to wait for the hair to be long enough to treat.

I then turned to laser hair removal as a solution. I went to “the doctor” in the area known within the field. After receiving the initial package with little results, the doctor convinced me to continue another package telling me I would not need a full package. Desperately wanting to believe him, I ignored the exorbitant price tag that accompanied his services once again, and paid thousands of dollars for the second time. After completing the entire second package, spending close to $10,000 and not having achieved the results I wanted, the only reduction I noticed was in my checking account. Having been to a laser treatment center outside the state, they encouraged me to once again look for someone in my area. I knew there had to be someone out there who didn’t just want my money but someone who would help me and my concerns- and there you were!

After just one treatment for laser hair removal on my face and neck, I noticed a difference. Your instruction on care in between treatments, your techniques, and personal concern were a breath of fresh air, and clarified some of the misinformation I had been given by “the expert”. Your medical expertise, technique, training, and personal concern for your patients has enlightened me. For any women suffering from unwanted hair or looking not to have to shave again, you owe it to yourself to give this a chance. You have given me more than what I paid for – I now have the confidence and don’t need to be concerned about unwanted facial hair. I cannot rave about you and the results enough.

Forever grateful,

Donna F.

Dr Macri and Staff,

It was very nice meeting all of you. I was very impressed by the friendliness of your staff, the warm and inviting decor of the office, and the general relaxed atmosphere. I have been to many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon’s offices over the years, and I definitely have to say this was the nicest treatment I have ever received. Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to my next visit.


Marisa G

Dr Macri and Staff,

Thank you for such wonderful beauty prep the months leading up to my wedding! I felt incredible! Your quality of service was fantastic!


Amy C.